Ding'an · legal space

The lawyer exhibition and service platform, which is invested and built by dingsong to provide office space and supporting services for growing small and medium-sized law firms and lawyers, serves the office needs of legal persons in a pioneering way in the mode of "time sharing". Through refined, customized, intelligent and service-oriented operation and management mode, Dingan law union space provides young lawyers and small and medium-sized law firms with a new shared space of creative experience and refined services, and is committed to building a legal business incubator.

Boutique law firm funding scheme

Support small and high-quality law firms with development potential,

Invest in the cost of office environment upgrading, marketing, brand promotion or management system building,

To help it develop into a "small, fine and strong" boutique law firm.

Star lawyer training program

As for the individual lawyers with outstanding ability, we have set up a personal studio for them, providing all-round services such as source introduction, legal assistant support, administrative management, financial and logistics services, and building them into well-known lawyers in the field of litigation and commercial disputes.